Portable Models

CR-400/410 Chroma Meter

Compatible with the CR-300, the handheld CR-400 chroma meter is its improved successor. Upgrading is easy for current CR-300 owners because existing data can be used. Able to store up to 1,000 measurements internally, or 2,000 when the data processor is connected, the CR-400 chroma meter is also portable and easy-to-use, plus it has the ability to measure different types of products and multiple kinds of surfaces in various applications.


Color Reader CR-10 Plus

Konica Minolta’s CR-10 Plus (successor to the CR-10) color difference reader is a portable, battery powered, and hand-held instrument for quick, precise color control. The CR-10 Plus tristimulus colorimeter is easily operable, economical and portable like never before. With a built-in utility software application, it allows changing of instrument settings, set tolerances, pass/fail judgment and data analysis directly on the instrument. Also includes USB connectivity to a computer for easy data transferring.

Colorimeter BC-10 PLUS

The handheld BC‐10 Plus (successor to the BC‐10) Baking Contrast Meter is specifically designed to measure the color of baked, processed fried and smoked foods. Furthermore, it can also measure the color of ingredients. It is ideal for companies with multiple lines, restaurants and co-packers that seek consistency in the appearance of their products.

CR-20 Color Reader

The handheld CR-20 (combined successor to the CR-11, CR-13, CR-14), color reader, measures the color and whiteness of foods or raw materials in paste, solid, or powder form. It boasts an impressive LCD screen that displays measurement results from one of eight color spaces/colorimetric indexes including L*a*b*, L*C*h, Yxy, Munsell, WI (CIE/ASTM E 313-96), Tint (CIE/ASTM E 313-96), YI (ASTM E 313-96).


CM-512m3A Spectrophotometer (spectral type, multi-angle)

The Konica Minolta CM-512m3A Spectrophotometer is a multi-angle spectrophotometer that was created for use with metallic paints. The device has 0° viewing and illumination angles at 25°, 45°, and 75° that work with an exclusive geometry.



Konica Minolta’s CM-2600d spectrophotometer is designed to measure SCI and SCE numerical gloss control simultaneously. This light, handheld instrument is the first of its kind in the world that brings significantly lower measurement and calibration procedure time through its patented numerical UV control. This advanced unit includes a changeable aperture that can be set to between 8mm and 3mm, depending on the object of measurement’s size.


For one-handed use when measuring SCI and SCE numerical gloss control simultaneously, the instrument of choice is Konica Minolta’s CM-2500d handheld spectrophotometer. Specifically designed for easy use, the CM-2500d is the first instrument of its kind to scientifically lower the time spent on measurement and calibration procedures through patented numerical UV control

Portable Spectrophotometers CM-700d / CM-600d

Using a range of user-friendly functions, the CM-700d Spectrophotometer effectively measures the color of an object. Ergonomically designed to fit your hand comfortably, this handheld instrument features a color LCD screen. Spectral graphs, pseudocolor, and color difference graphs are part of the plethora of information displayed on the screen.

Spectrodensitometers FD-7/ FD-5

Even on substrates with fluorescent whitening agents, these next-generation measurement tools streamline color adjustment in printing,. The FD-7 can not only measure the evaluation light source, but then calculate data under that source.


The Multi Gloss 268Plus Gloss Meter is ultra compact and portable with three measuring angles in full accordance with ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, and JIS norms. All functions including language settings, calibration, measurement, and statistics can be performed with only two operation keys

Chlorophyll Meter SPAD-502Plus

The SPAD-502Plus enables quick, easy measurement of the chlorophyll content of plant leaves without damaging the leaf. Chlorophyll content is one indicator of plant health, and can be used to optimize the timing and quantity of applying additional fertilizer to provide larger crop yields of higher quality with lower environmental load.

Portable Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer CM-M6

The Konica Minolta Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer CM-M6 is specifically designed to provide fast and precise color evaluation of measurement of metallic and pearlescent paints on automotive exteriors.

Portable Colour- and Gloss-Meter CM-25cG

The new Spectrophotometer CM-25cG is designed to measure color and gloss simultaneously. With a forty five zero geometry and a true sixty degree gloss-sensor, this portable spectrophotometer is ideal for measuring automotive interiors.