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Gas Chromatography

Chromatec is the recognized leader in the development and manufacture of gas chromatographic products in Russia. 30-years experienced team successfully works and develops in the analytical instruments market.


  •  Development and production of analytical instruments
  • Installation, service and trainings
  • Key Solutions and application support


 Laboratory chromatographs

  •  Chromatec Crystal 5000
  • Chromatograph “Crystal 2000M”
  • Chromatograph “Chromatec-Gasochrome 2000”
  • The liquid chromatograph “Chromatec-Crystal HPLC 2014”
  • Software
  • Chromatograph units
  • Mass spectrometry

 Chromatech: Mass Spectrometry

  •  Chromate-mass spectrometer with MSD Chromatek
  • Chromato-mass spectrometer with ISD ISQ
  • Libraries of mass spectra
  • Additional Information
  • Sampling devices for chromatograph

 Chromatek: Devices for sample entry into the chromatograph

  • Microsyringes
  • Measuring hopper DAJ-2M
  • Batcher DAJ-2M (3D)
  • The equilibrium vapor dosimeter
  • Thermodesorber TDS-1 (2-stage)
  • Aspirator “Chromatek PV-2”
  • Microsyringe automatic eVol
  • Industrial Gas Chromatography

 Chromatec: Industrial Gas Chromatography

  • “Chromatec Crystal 7000”
  • “Chromatec-Crystal 7000” (transmitter)
  • Equipment for preparation and cleaning of gases

 Chromatek: Equipment for the preparation and cleaning of gases

  • Hydrogen Generators
  • Air Compressor
  • Filter 20.0
  • Regulators of pressure ballon
  • Adjustable pneumatic resistance
  • Samplers PGO, PU
  • Sampler Piston PP-150
  • Equipment for the analysis of oil and petroleum products

 Chromatek: Equipment for the analysis of oil and petroleum products

  • Apparatus for rectification of oil ARN-2
  • Device PIC-77
  • Installation ЛТЗ
  • Chromatographic columns and consumables

 Chromatec: Chromatography Columns and Consumables

  • Capillary and packed columns
  • Capillary columns CR
  • HPLC columns
  • Price list for spare parts, consumables, capillary and packed columns and much more
  • NMR analysis

 Chromatec: NMR analysis

NMR analyzer “Chromatek-Proton 20M”