Bench top Models

CM-3600A Spectrophotometer

The CM-3600a is a highly accurate, repeatable spectrophotometer that measures color quickly in any application. Oriented horizontally and made for benchtop use, the instrument has diameters that are interchangeable and can be used in a wide variety of measuring tasks.

CM-3630d Spectrophotometer

The CM-3630d Spectrophotometer is designed for to measure whiteness and color in the Pulp & Paper industry in perfect accordance with ISO recommendations.

CM-3700A Spectrophotometer

The CM-3700A spectrophotometer provides the highest level in accuracy and reliability available in a bench top unit. It features aperture masks, a large sphere, and a complete optical system, going above and beyond international standard requirements.


The CM-5 Spectrophotometer, a stand-alone, top-port color measuring instrument, is bench-top spectrophotometer with a large LCD screen and onboard software which eliminates the need for a separate computer. Color plots, as well as graphical and numerical data are displayed on the screen.