Bin Rasheed Scientific (Pvt.) Ltd. Is participating at upcoming International Conference on Material Chemistry and Industrial Technologies (MCIT) and Expo, University of Lahore scheduled for April 24-25, 2024

Our Profile

BINRASHEED SCIENTIFIC (PVT.) LTD provides comprehensive quality base Services to our valued customer to meet & ensure their highest level of satisfaction. We are specialized in marketing of wide range of industrial & research based equipment/ Instruments & machinery for our industrial sectors in Pakistan.

We are representing world’s most renowned companies in Pakistan, who are specialized in the field of Scientific & Laboratory instruments. We have a very large customer portfolio and having more than 800 installations in Public and Private sectors. We have established a team of professionals having excellent expertise in Sales, Marketing & Services. We are also creating awareness in industries, educational & research centers by conducting free educational seminars & presentation.

  • Equipments & Machinery Supplier
  • Technical/ Installation services
  • Comprehensive Services
  • Free Educational Seminars