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Konica Minolta – Color Sensing

Konica Minolta Light & Display Products:

Horiba Automotive Testing Range

& Many Others Lab Test Equipments


  • Universal Testing Machines for Automotive Applications
  • Durometers for Automotive Interior parts, tires, and elastomeric materials
  • Hardness Testers for Automotive Metallic Materials
  • Resonant Fatigue Testing Machines
  • Impact Testers
  • Sonic Testers & Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
  • Coating Thickness Gauges
  • Gloss Meters for toughest Automotive QC requirements
  • Profile Projectors
  • Surface Roughness Testers / Profilometers
  • Portable Digital Microscope
  • Tire Plunger Testers
  • Fogging Tester
  • Ozone Tester QT-0500
  • Environmental Test Chambers – QT 7005 Series
  • Sheet metal Cupping Testers for Automotive body panel producers