Bin Rasheed Scientific (Pvt.) Ltd. Is participating at upcoming International Conference on Material Chemistry and Industrial Technologies (MCIT) and Expo, University of Lahore scheduled for April 24-25, 2024


Horiba Scientific-Japan – Particle Size Analysis

Konica Minolta – Color Sensing 


Gas Chromatograph

  • Photosynthesis Instruments
  • Eddy Covariance Instrumentation
  • High Speed Gas Analyzers
  • Gas Analyzer and Eddy Covariance Accessories
  • Greenhouse Gas Analyzer Systems
  • Sonic Anemometers
  • Biomet Systems and Sensors
  • Tripod and Mounting Hardware
  • Gas Analyzers
  • Soil Gas Exchange Systems
  • Soil Chambers
  • Survey System Packages
  • Four-Chamber Multiplexed Packages
  • Premium Multiplexed Packages
  • Leaf Area Index and Meters
  • Light Sensor Logger and Meter
  • Terrestrial Light Sensors
  • Underwater Light Sensors
  • Seed Counter